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Easy Cut Box Cutter

Easy Cut Box Cutter
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Product Description

Easy Cut Box Cutter
EASY-CUT / EASY CUT / EZ CUT 2000 Yellow makes box cutting a breeze!

EASY-CUT 2000 have built-in multiple blade-depth settings with slightly increased blade length that makes cutting single, double, and triple walled corrugated cardboards and boxes a breeze with superb control and fluidity Even damaged and import boxes! A radius-blunt tip blade and integrated tape cutter makes EASY-CUT 2000 a world above its competitions! Designed with the user first, a gentle squeeze of its ergonomic handle extends the blade naturally. No need for continuous and repetitive thumbing action, thus greatly reduce the risk of injury that is common with other knives and box cutting-tools. When the user is finished with cutting, simply release the handle, and the blade retracts automatically.

Included in this set is an original clip-on holster and lanyard (stretches up to 6 feet!) with 360-degree rotation offers convenient and safe storage reducing injuries and down-time looking for lost cutting-tools! The dual-sided edge guide enables left- and right-handed users to make quick, accurate top cuts, and slides back into locked position when the cut is complete. The on-board blade storage enables fast and tool-free blade changes.

Each Unit comes with the cutter, lanyard, holster, belt clip and (3) blades. Our cutters are easy to use with several great features:

- Patented Round Tip Blades

- Easy To Load New Blades

- Extra Blade Storage

- Edge Guides for Both Left and Right Handed Use

- 3 Blade Depth Settings & Lock Position

- Trigger To Activate Blade

- Increases Productivity

- Reduces Accidents

- Reduces Product Damage

- Employees Like It

- Stays With You On Your Side

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